Back in the City of Fountains

Begin stream of consciousness…

It’s 8:42PM central time and once again I find myself in Kansas City, Missouri or KCMO.  I’m here on business, working daily in Leavenworth, KS on computer simulation stuff.  The trip here was hellish.  First, the 7:30PM flight out of Orlando was delayed due to strong thunderstorms in Orlando.  When there is lightning, the FAA won’t let planes land and they won’t let people board departing flights.  So around 8:30 we were able to board the plane, only to sit and wait for 45 minutes to take off.  Luckily, I had decent people around me on this flight, which is rare for any flight departing Orlando due to the large volume of tourist families departing Orlando on a daily basis. 

Sometime after 11PM Central the flight landed in a rainy Kansas City.  After waiting for about 35 minutes for baggage and another 15 minutes for a rental car bus, I was at the lovely KCI car rental facility.  The rental process at Avis was absolutely painless this time…but by the time I got in the car, I was exhausted and hungry.  The rain was coming down hard when I left the airport and all I wanted was to make it to the hotel.  On the way to the hotel I spotted a Wendy’s and decided to stop in and grab a burger to stave off the hunger pangs.  Some jacknob was driving up my keister in the drive thru lane so I let him go…and took my time ordering inside.  Never has a Wendy’s single tasted so good, even if it tasted of rancid oil and an overdose of yellow mustard. 

Due to some local softball tournaments, most hotels in KCMO are booked solid, so I got a shoddy room on a lower floor, but at least it is a room.  Realizing they screwed me over, the hotel discounted the rate by $40/night.  However, the room smells musty and waterlogged but it has a microwave, fridge and 46″ plasma TV. 

I got up around 5:20 in a panic.  I thought I was late to work.  Since I was awake, I decided to go ahead and get ready for work and go down to the lobby for breakfast.  It rained nearly all day and the rain was especially bad this morning.  Breakfast sucked, mainly because I was being cheap and opted for the free continental slop versus the pay-dearly breakfast.  I had a lite ‘n fit yogurt and a partially toasted English muffin with some Starbucks medium roast coffee and an apple juice. 

Traffic was light this morning but the drivers were aggressive.  For some reason, drivers like to drive up your ass in KCMO and Kansas.  Despite the rain, two people felt it necessary to pass me at speeds above 65 on double yellow lines on the way in to work.  I half expected to see them wrapped around trees or in a ditch on the next corner, but they cheated death once again.  Getting in to the Fort at Leavenworth was easy…there was a lot of traffic going in but I was able to zip right in through security. 

I developed a nagging cough (post nasal drip) when the plane landed last night and when I entered the building where I work, the cough got worse throughout the day.  Most of the buildings on the Fort are of historical significance, so upgrading them is out of the question.  The building where I work is very old, so they decided to erect a new building inside the shell of the old building.  I know…it does not make much sense.  Put it this way…they wanted to preserve the historical look and feel of the building but modernize the interior, so the gutted the old building and put in new insides.  Problem is…they did not put in adequate ventilation.  The building is dirty and musty.  I am sure there is black mold in the walls; in fact, the Kansas department of health determined the building did have a mold infestation several years back.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they succeeded in cleaning up the mold.  So as the day went on, my post nasal drip turned into a scratchy throat and a waterfall in the back of my throat.  Now I have a persistent cough and scratchy throat.  I feel fine otherwise.

Last time I was here, I developed a bad flu which lasted almost one month.  Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.  Clearly my immune system is being compromised by this place.  I have been taking ColdEze, Zicam and CVS homeopathic cold remedies along with Airborne chasers and vitamin supplements, but the war inside my body continues.  One could develop chronic pulmonary disorders in this place.

I am sitting in the hotel room now, feeling melancholy and tapping out my surface thoughts on a laptop keyboard.  I hate to keep wishing my life away, but I wish Friday night would come so I could be back with my family.

End stream of consciousness…


One thought on “Back in the City of Fountains

  1. R.Andrade

    Ah, those crazy, horrible days of KCMO and Ft. Leavenworth. Those Were Not The Days my friend…. and I am glad that they came to an end… at least this time around.

    Hang in there… Today is Thursday, only one more day to go!

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