The Rise of Dabbling


With increased knowledge and increased technology comes a proportional increase in opportunities.  In today’s society, an abundance of opportunities also means an abundance in “easy ways out.”  Let me back up these words with examples.

My stepdaughter decided she wanted to do something “cool” about 5 years ago.  She wanted to be a cheerleader.  So she signed up, we signed off, she was accepted and she was off to practice.  On or about the second practice session, she decided “Hey, this being cool stuff is hard work.”  So she started complaining.  Then came her first game, a soccer game.  She quickly found that standing on the sidelines of a long game was not as cool as it once seemed.  So that ended her cheerleading stint. 

Fast forward two years.  Guitar.  Playing guitar would be cool and it would look good on my college resume she said.  Her parents went out and got her an acoustic guitar…and she entered into expensive lessons.  Three years later, she can really play the guitar, but she wants out.  Why?  She doesn’t want to lears music theory.

Enter dabbling.  Merriam-Webster defines the word dabble as “to work or involve oneself superficially or intermittently especially in a secondary activity or interest.”  Bingo.  She dabbled in cheerleading, and in guitar.  She never got past the superficial.  She can play the notes, but she doesn’t understand the musical theory behind what she plays…she mimics.  She is a dabbler.

Dabbling is definitely on the rise.  I hear people tell me that they are “Christians” yet they are only seen 1-2 times per year in their local church.  These “2P” Christians only know Poinsettias and Palms.  In the Catholic faith, openly and admittedly failing to worship weekly at the local parish is a mortal sin, yet the sin is committed with impunity.  These are the same people who later cry to God to save them from any number of calamities, health issues, or other disastrous events, fully expecting God to deliver when 9 times out of ten they don’t even give Him the time of day on the Sabbath day.  The same people who curse others out and flick them off in the church parking lot.  Dabblers.

Then you have “dabblers in the occult”…a dangerous lot indeed.  These bufoons think that they can consult their “spirit guides”, tarot cards, palm readers or wear a 5 pointed star for elemental protection.  Or masons who undergo Luciferic ritual to advance in Degree.  Yet they claim they they are Christians who abide by God’s law.  Dabblers.  Hypocrits too.

At this point in history, mankind is faced with endless paths to take.  Endless forks in the road, each going down a specific timeline.  All paths taken probably do exist in some multiverse instance, “Quantum Leap” style.  But the choices we take are increasingly dead-end paths…dabbler-paths.  Why is this?  It is a fear of commitment?  A superficial life?  Enlighten me.  Why are more and more people dabbling now?


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  1. May I put forth the theory that people “dabble” because practicing for years at something is hard work… and our society wants everything now! Lose Weight, Now! Increase the size of your “whatever”…NOW! People want to feel good … NOW. They take drugs for a quick high, they pile on the debt, to get the good feel of surround sound and a wall worth of TV screens. Also, I hate to say it… it also appears in our kids… that you can cut to the head of the line, can go to the head of the class, and achieve it all! To me… that, and Roosevelt’s Great Society are 2 of the biggest lies out there to be told. Both have appeal, one because you get something for nothing (i.e. no work done on your part) and the other because it works out that you get nothing for something… dabble, dabble!

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