Knowing when to shut up…


Recently I have had two incidents where I almost let my mouth get the best of me.  Here’s the story.   I was in the lab where I sometimes support integration testing.  The lab does have some IA rules, such as having an ID badge plainly visible, and new faces are easy to spot amongst the familiar faces that have populated the lab for so long.   So when this woman came up to me and said in an accusing tone “Who are you and what do you work on?”…my immediate response was “Who are you and what do you work on?”  Unbeknownst to me…she was one of those upper management types…the ones who reel in horror when they see sunlight because they typically get to work before dark, leave after dark and never leave the office.  How was I to know that she was a Big Cheese? Luckily for me, I did not challenge the fact that she was not wearing her ID badge as she should have.

Scenario two.  A big demo.  Lots of people about..and one person in particular was causing me a lot of grief by asking inane questions at strategic points along my presentation.  So after the meeting, the boss comes by and we talk.  I casually ask him who the person was who kept asking me stuff.  He says “my spouse.”  Luckily I did not say what I was really thinking!

Ok…so what I am seeing a lot of now is married couples working for the same company in the same department…that have differing last names.  Perhaps these women are “too good” to adopt their spouse’s last name.  Maybe they hide the fact that they are married, which surely fails as soon as one person figures it out and annouces it to the vine of grapes.  Whatever.  I’m just saying…be extremely careful with what you say and with whom you say things…you could dig yourself in deep.  In a jiffy.  Don’t let this happen to you.


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