Why is X the new Y?


Have you heard a phrase that goes something like “Red is the new Green in spring fashion!”?  It doesn’t just apply to color either.  How about “Hot is the new Cold when it comes to drinking tea”?  Many such examples could be listed.  I recently overheard some guy at the gas station say that “70 is the new 45 on Dean Road”, referring to the fact that drivers typically drive 70mph versus 45mph on that road. 

So what spurs these comments?  Perhaps it is sheer boredom with complacency.  Perhaps it is being sick of doing things simply because “that’s the way they’ve always been done”…or maybe there are more sinister underlying agendas for getting people to think this way.  Perhaps it is the “change for the sake of change” mentality that our “unChristian nation” has now or possibly even a mass trend effected on a population of chattel.  Get them wanting diametric opposites on all issues…then turn the tides.  That sort of thing.

Or maybe I am being alarmist once again.  But something is definitely up with the “___ is the new ___” phrase that you hear everywhere now.  In a world where we are now being told that evil sodium nitrate laced bacon is “not really that bad” and “why take one pill for obesity, blood pressure and anxiety when you can simply take one tiny Cadduiaet”…is it any wonder than X is the new Y?


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