What’s up with 30+ minutes of Commercials before the Movie starts?


I like going to the theatre…don’t get me wrong.  But if I am paying $15 for a movie ticket and arriving at the theatre early, as everyone should, what is up with the commercials?  Lately, I have noticed that if I go to say…a 7PM movie…the theatre is all but empty at 6:59PM.  Then, the lights dim and you have all sorts of idiots dragging in…most of them have both hands full of popcorn, nachos or hot dogs to stuff their pieholes.  Then…at 7:10PM the unionized film boys start rolling the film…and I am subjected to watching 30+ minutes of television commercials.  Isn’t this why I came to the movie theatre in the first place…to avoid the television commercials?

Back to the latecomers.  In this particular case, this Triskelion does not want to bid 50 quatloos on the newcomer!  The same rules that apply to choosing the proper urinal should be applied to latecomers choosing the appropriate seat in the movies.  But they always sit behind me and they always kick my seat.  WTF is up with that?  And why is there always some dumb, immature teen in the back row giggling the whole time?  Then you always have some social outcast that laughs when no one else in the room does…  Going to the movies these days is like taking a 2 hour 55 minute flight on Southwest. 

Is all of this just me or have others seen this nonsense?


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  1. Well, this phenomenon with the New Comers is the same really as when you are in a supermarket… nobody is around you and suddenly you look at a tomato. Suddenly 15 people are up your keester, trying to look at your tomato… and grab some of the good stuff for themselves. The NCs have a whole theater to choose from, but their cluster instinct makes them surround you and guffaw at even the most banal comments. (Ever see the Movie “Idiocracy”?)

    It could be worse… remember that one time that young couple put up the arms between the seats next to us… and actually started copulating during the “Los Rapidos y Los Furiosos” movie? Who raises these kids?

    Returning to the NC gang, another clue may be the psychic energy explantion… that those at a lower energy level end up corralling and clustering around those of higher energy. They are not even aware of it… they just do… a case of psychic “Fucar see, Fucar do!”

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