“Free Movie Ticket”


When we went to see Angels and Demons at our local Regal Cinemas, I presented my Regal Crown Card as I always do…and was surprised to get a free movie ticket!  I get rewards all the time…free popcorn, free drink, free candy…but this was the first time I ever had a free movie ticket show up.  So off in my wallet it went.

Fast forward to yesterday.  We wanted to see a movie, and Pelham 123 fit the bill; the 2PM matinee.  So up to the box office I went…and whipped out the free movie ticket.  No dice.  The lackey at the box office said “You can’t see Pelham 123 with that.”   So I kindly inquired as to why.  “Free movie tickets can’t be used for first run movies, IMAX experiences, 3D stuff or movies marked No Passes.”  Oh, I said.  So I asked him…exactly when can I use this free movie ticket?  The reply surprised me…”You really can’t, since we generally mark all of our movies as No Passes Allowed.” 

What then is the purpose of “rewarding” someone with a free movie ticket that cannot be used??  Skeptical, I just checked this matter out with Regal Entertainment Group’s website and found that you canuse this ticket for movies that have been out a while…such as “Hanna Montana’s Rise to Fame, Fortune and Glory Holes”…or something like that.  But any movie deemed “new” is off limits.  And that pretty much encompasses any movies that are out now, LOL.

I guess I will have to wait until Terminator Salvation or some other lame and boring prequel is about to be yanked out of the projector and thrown into the “sell these film cells on eBay” can before I can see my “free” movie.


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