Motorcycles and the Blue Ridge Parkway

This happened to me on 7/26/2008 when my family and I were in North Carolina.  We were driving on the BRP from Waynesville to Mt. Pisgah at Mile Post Marker 408.  Basically, we were driving to have a picnic at Mt. Pisgah, which was one curve away.  As I went around the curve, a probably drunkened motorcycle rider, in a group of hell-raising friends, entered my lane of traffic and hit the drivers side front mirror of my rental car.  He broke off the mirror and scratched/dented the fender and scratched the front/drivers door near the rear.  This irresponsible reckless driver was Philip H. Clark, 6982 Murfreesboro Hwy, Manchester, TN  37355.  He was driving…you guessed it…a Harley.

Exhibiting the type of irresponsible, flashy, noisy and flamboyant driving typical to most Harley thugs, Philip at first tried to deny that he was in my lane of traffic!  Then he lied to my face and said that the road was slick and he slid into my lane.  Bullshit!  The road was as dry as the Sahara before rainy season.  What a character this excuse for a man was. 

Some of the frightened passengers in my car thought he was even going to flee the scene…but I was prepared to hunt him down if he did that!  I personally think he was drunk off his ass, but he denied this…and was sort of standoffish about the whole thing.  My Dad and I immediately wanted to kick his ass for endangering our families…but we collectively and unconsciously decided against it.  In fact, we even switched to asking him if he was alright.  Now that I mull that day over…did we make the right decision by not clubbing this drunk?

Of course, there are no cops on the BRP…just Department of the Interior drivers..and the one we had was sort of…well not really…helpful.  AVIS…our rental company…was clueless…and they were completely confused when confronted with the facts…that is….after I finally got one that spoke fluent English.  But I must admit that they handled the claims process quite well once we returned the battered car. 

The funny thing about all this is…we visited the Waterrock Knob visitors center the next day and there was a photo spread warning other auto drivers about motorcycles that try to wild out, be cool and use the whole BRP as their own private Audubon lane.  You see…there is a lot to see on the BRP.  And riding a motorcycle is a good way to see these sights…but unfortunately, a lot of bed seeds ruin it for the few good motorcycle drivers out there. 

I urge you, reader, to be extra cautious if you do drive the BRP.  Not only are there imbicile motorcycle drunks on the road…there are also scads of irresponsible turtleheads (bike riders) on it…peddling around blind curved into oncoming traffic.  It is a really dangerous mix…altitude, sights and morons.  Couple that with unpredictable mountain weather and you have a recipe for accidents…or in this case with Philip..intentional damage to my rental car. 

I think these reckless bike riders need to be jailed…without bond…for some time T…and them forced to take remedial riding lessons for one year before they are allowed back on the street.  I don’t know why we didn’t sue this guy or generally cause him more trouble than we did. 

Philip…if you are out there…did you learn to drive yet?  Have you ruined any other family vacations?  JACK NOB!  Go ahead and contact me…if you are out there…I want you to know your apology is not accepted.


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