Crazy Drivers…Friday Jun 19th


The main issue today was drivers who couldn’t understand the speed limit. 

First up today we have a Mercedes C320 4-Matic, License Plate V56 9VI.  Light gray.  She was tailgating me on Red Bug Lake Road.  I was driving the speed limit, as was everyone around me and in front of me.  But for some reason, this was simply not good enough for this woman.  She tried to go around me by literally flying into the other lane…when she realized she could not get where she was going any faster, she was right back on my tail.  She continued this until we got to 436 (Semoran) where we were both turning South.  When the light was green she almost fishtailed that Mercedes into the far right lane and then cut me off as I ventured forward.  Then, inexplicably, she slowed down to 35mph and stayed that way for a few miles. Next, she was off like a bat out of hell again.  Who knows?

Second, we have another light gray hunk of metal…this time a Hyundai Entourage with plate # 181 JRC.  This person was tailgating me and decided to “whip around” me on Dean Road going South.  THis person engaged in generally reckless driving and was driving at least twice the legal speed limit.  The person eventually got out of sight…it was some of the worst, most dangerous driving I have ever seen.

In general today, people were in a hurry to get nowhere.  I went to drop off the stepkid in Waterford Lakes (she pronounces it “Wahhhhhh-ter-ferd” and drops the Lake part)…people generally did not understand the concept of the 4-way stops and were driving like maniacs.  Some women near Ann Taylor thought she had divine right to just drive through a stop sign in full defiance of the law.  Oh well.  Wish me luck as I go back to pick her up in a few minutes.


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