1249 miles for a piece of fish?!

Power%20and%20Light%20Bristol_LargeWhile staying in KCMO, we were thumbing through the little pamphlet in the hotel room.  There was a quarter page ad for “Bristol Seafood Grille” in the Power & Light District of downtown KCMO.  The ad touted “fresh seafood and good wine.” We looked at each other and laughed…why on Earth would anyone go to KCMO to eat Seafood?!  Then we both sort of simultaneously said to each other “let’s go!” 

The trek downtown was painless…I expected the worst but did not encounter a lick of traffic, even during rush hour.  The Garmin gracefully guided us to our destination…but when we got there…there was some sort of event taking place at the Sprint center…apparently Jamie Foxx was in town…and people were flocking to see him.  Maybe he was insulting Mylie again or getting time for being an ass in the nearby casino like he did in New Orleans?  At any rate, parking was scarce and $10 for some side lot 3 blocks away.  But we did it anyway.  The buildings downtown are quite tall, unlike the buildings in Orlando which are limited in size due to the fragile aquifer that we sit upon.  We walked three or so blocks in circles before we found the restaurant.

Skip forward to dinner.  They say that the fish at Bristol Seafood Grill is flown in daily as whole fish and cut down to individual fillets each morning.  We bought it hook, line and sinker.  I ordered the Walu (“Butterfish”) pan seared and the wife got the Short-Tailed Yellow Snapper from Hawaii, mesquite grilled.  My sides were lobster mac n cheese and grilled asparagus…hers were the lemon risotto and grilled asparagus.  We got some sparkling water and a couple of glasses of Dynamite Cab (which was dynamite!).    The fish was the freshest and best prepared I have had in recent and long-term memory.  Nothing in Florida compares, despite us being surrounded in water.  Heck, even the fresh fish here is not fresh.  This place was amazing…ambiance, attentiveness of server-staff…everything was as it should be. 

Isn’t it crazy that you have to go almost 1300 miles to get a piece of fresh seafood?  What has happened to Florida’s seafood offerings?  Straubs?  PUH-Lease!  Red Lobster?  TV Dinners!  You name it, it ain’t good in Greater Orlando.  The only place that even remotely compares is Chart House in Melbourne…but even it is not as good as this place was.  What a sad state of affairs.


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