“Fee”…a new name for “Tax”?


On my recent trip to KC, I was alarmed at the sheer number of fees levied against me.

First up was the hotel.  $107 a night, gov’t contractor rate.  Fine.  But then they want to tack on the following daily fees and taxes:

  • Arena fee: $1.50
  • Arena fee tax $0.11
  • High Speed Internet Fee $9.95
  • Occ Tax – county $0.27
  • Occ Tax – city $8.03
  • State Sales Tax $8.53
  • City Sales Tax $0.17
  • Usage fee $0.17

So just these fees and taxes add up to $28.73 per day extra.  Now the rental car:

  • 11.11% Fee $27.57
  • Daily Fee $0.52
  • Concession Recovery Fee $3
  • Arena Fund Fee $4
  • Property/Registration Fee $4.15/day
  • Energy Recovery Fee $0.52/day
  • Per Day Surcharge Fee $66.90/week
  • Sales tax 9.975%

Come on!  Let’s just call these things taxes, or increase the daily rental rate to reflect these static charges.  As you go about your daily life, try to pay attention to these add-ons and fees.  Note what was advertised versus what you actually pay.  Note how you are being taxed additional amounts without it ever being called a “tax.”  Also note that when you see some great price for a weekly rental or hotel, just go ahead and add 25% to that cost for hidden fees and taxes.  It is deceptive advertising at its best.  You will be parted from your money.


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  1. Remember the Karate kid movie? Mr. Myogi taught Danielsan the lesson of “Wax on, wax off”. Well, unlike this exercise where the wax gets taken off after it is applied… we can never say “Tax on, tax off” !!!

    Unfortunately, once a tax has been applied, the powers that be….civic-wise…. and I ain’t talking Hondas baby…. won’t let it be removed. They need it, depend on it… and use it to fund their little grab-bag antics for their sycophants.

    Remember, think twice or three times before allowing any tax to come into existence… because, Once we get a tax, we never lose it!

  2. The Banks started the fee craze….when the government came up with the APR so people could compare loans terms between different banks…the banks came up with fees……fees for everything because fees do not show up in the APR…charges do….I guess the Libs caught onto that….lol

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