The way it was when I was growing up…


Kids are rotten now…and demanding.  They want it all…and they want it now!  They are selfish, cruel and uncaring.  Their hearts are hardened by the time they reach 13.  Why?

Kids today expect far more than my generation expected…and let it be known that I was born in the early 70’s so we know which generation we are talking about.    The way I was raised, I was excited to get anything…because all things were a privilege versus a right.   I had chores to do…when they were done…I had homework…when it was done and checked …I could go and play.  There was no excessive sleeping during the day…no sleeping until 1:30PM in the afternoon.  None of that.  Church was not optional…it was expected and required.  There was no TV in the bedroom until I was much older.  And you wore your Sunday Best to church regardless of the fact that no one else in the Church ever did.

Kids these days want instant gratification.  Sex at 12.   Wilding out in shopping centers every Friday night.  SMS text messages to the tune of 10,000+ texts per month.  These examples are not an exaggeration.  Kids today want you to hand them $20 bills like they are mere worthless articles of paper, with little to no work to account for it and no acknowledgment of your sacrifice.

When I was a kid, I made money by mowing lawns.  It did not pay much, and when I did get paid, the money would have to be laundered through my parents because it usually came in the form of a check.  Dinner was every night around 6.  Not whenever you feel like it.  Kids these days eat on their own schedule, consuming whatever they want.  When the fridge is empty, they bitch and complain at you for not doing grocery shopping.  When it comes time to haul in the groceries, the kids are nowhere to be found.

My buddy recently told me that his communist neighbor’s kids stay up all hours of the night and demand that their mother wake at 3AM to cook 5-course gourmet meals for them.  If my kid did that she might not live to see another day at worst, or be immediately enrolled in military school at best.  Why do parents succumb to this nonsense?  For one, discipline has become taboo in today’s society.  The rod is spared and the children are all spoiled.  God is also not a part of their vocabulary unless it is followed by “Damn.”

Most parents go out of their way to avoid caring for their kids.  Soccer practice.  Music practice.  Drama club.  Cheerleading.  You name it, parents enroll their kid in it so other people can teach them their values.  And guess what?  The people enlisted to teach your little girl cheerleading is only in it for the money…and they could care less about your little Angel.  Maybe kids are selfish and heartless now because their parents are selfish scum that sweep them off under someone else’s rug.  I don’t know.

How do you get a selfish kid to not be selfish?  How do you teach anything to a know-it-all brat who is always right?  (The teachers make them this way by telling them that they are always right…a classic avoidance technique).  Would you be surprised if your teen girl came home impregnated by some greasy kid’s seed?  If so, why would you be surprised?  Shouldn’t you know what your kid is doing, when she is doing it and with whom??

Then there are all of these phony, Big Pharma syndromes…ADD…a kid crying out for the love and attention of their parents…ADHD…a syndrome that describes a kid that is smart and bored with what they are learning or bored with how the Publik Edukashin Sistem is forcing them to learn via rote memorization.  There is a new one called “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”…or ODD…which basically describes a spoiled brat that needs a whipping.  This leads right in to the other phony syndromes in adulthood…all of which can be “cured” by popping a pill every morning.  Yeah…turn the attention-starved brat into a zombie…and that will surely solve the problem.  Then they blame the PILL on the kid committing suicide!

Maybe things have not changed as much as I feel they have…but the kids these days are definitely more self-centric…more demanding and more rotten than at any point in history.  Who is ultimately to blame?  I know part of it is the television shows that brainwash kids with the Holly Wood magic wands.  Another factor is poor parenting or a complete lack of parenting.  What else could it be?  What about the cases where the parents do everything right but the kid is still rotten?  I wish I had the answers.


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  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. I complain all the time about farming out kids so that they are so over scheduled they are bug-eyed….just so they do not have to parent them. Lib Dogma disallows the rod…you cannot discipline your child and turn out a perfect Lib at the same time.

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