So Far So Good…


Or as the Megadeth album title indicates…So Far…So Good..So What?

Today was uneventful…and I like days like that.  We got up late and had “breakfast” at Panera…basically overpriced, corn syrup drizzled rapid-rise pastries  that have been commercially produced at some factory and driven weekly to the local Panera…and we had a cup of second-brew coffee…the first brewing takes place much earlier…then they reuse the same spent grounds to make the later pots in there.  Regardless, it was passable as breakfast…though decidedly not a “man’s” breakfast.

After that…time for grocery shopping.  I did my homework this time and had a plethora of coupons available…as well as a shopping list and a clear plan.  People that don’t use coupons are throwing money away, period.  A lot of people think they are too good for coupons…maybe they are…but the day will come when it is rainy outside…and they will be sorry they didn’t save for that day.  Our first stop was CVSPharmacy.  Why go there with their premium prices?  Well, we had a $4 extra bucks coupon…so I decided to buy razors there.  Saved $4…and also got a $9 extra buck coupon printed.  So we turned around, went back in and got my wife’s shampoo and conditioner.  That costed$1.58 with the coupon…and then we got a $10 coupon printed out.  Turned around again and got toothpaste, a new toothbrush and floss.  So we saved $23 right there by shopping smart.

Off to Publix.  I cancelled my memberships in the “cement floor” clubs.  Why?  Because you always end up spending MORE at those places.  You get stuff you don’t need because of collateral temptation.  And the prices they advertise are “per unit” prices versus the price you actually pay.  We used to shop at WalMart to save money, and we did…but we also sold out America and they raised their prices to boot…so it was a lose lose for me..not to mention the frustration and anger I felt shopping amongst hoards of heathens.

We filled a cart with stuff and checked out…all necessary stuff…but we shopped smart getting it.  I used $20 in vendor coupons and saved another $25 on BOGO offers.  It worked out nicely…in a big way.  People today were not as hurried as they usually are in central FL.  People had a mission, yes, but they did not bother me when executing it. 

My phone has not made a sound today.  And that may be good.  I am tired of people calling me and going off on negative tirades about A thru Z.  The silence is deafening and welcome, but also indicitive of the selfish nature of today’s society.   I am staying home the rest of the day…we are ready to relax now, and enjoy the 4th.


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