4th of July


It is the 5th now…but how many of us really knew what yesterday was all about?  Most kids don’t even know why the 4th of July is celebrated…and even more do not know it by its other name…Independence Day.  So here is what is is all about…Independence Day is a federal holiday that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  Why Independence?  Because it is a celebration of independence from Great Britain.

In times past, the 4th of July was a celebration of a Christian Nation…a celebration in which fireworks were displayed and the National Anthem was sung by all.  Today it is more about watching gas guzzling but speed restricted race cars traverse a crowded, smelly concrete oval, drinking alcolohic beverages, putting slabs of meat over fire, or watching Will Smith save The World once again.  (Note: if you are a patriot try watching National Treasure on 4 July versus Will Smith’s ID4)

So what did we do?  We went to my mom’s house.  My mom and dad were grilling some hamburgers and hotdogs…they made slaw and had watermelon, chips/dips and fruits.  I brought over some patriotic tapioca fruit cups…with strawberries on the bottom, tapioca in the middle and blueberries on top.  We sat around and talked about the past, talked about the Declaration of Independence and watched TV.  A good time was had by all.

I called my buddy late in the day and was saddened to hear his take on the day’s happenings…mainly the daily dose of the usual negative, firey rage and hatred of his parents and a vow to not get mixed up with computer repair.  And some empty promises about “getting a lot done.”  Sadly, I got an email from him at 11:08PM saying he was gleefully fixing his admittedly communist, socialist and marxist neighbor’s computer.  I give up on him.  And I mean it. 

Went to church today…it was mainly empty.  Probably because all of the irresponsible gun-toting crazed East-Orlandoains were out at the Gun Show…which featured one of the Bush brothers.  Sorry, but the gun show had Bush and the churchhouse had the Body of Christ.  I opted for the latter. It is the little decisions in life that add up to make a difference…the other reason the sanctuary was empty was because all of these people were out last night blasting off illegal fireworks, wilding out and partying hard.  Funny how they can devote hours to carnal pleasures and not 59 minutes to spiritual matters.

Back home now, and relaxing…contemplating the waves of negativity that keep trying to wash over me to ruin my day.   Doing good so far.  In my moments alone, I realized yesterday that the real reason for the 4th is long forgotten.  I asked some Puerto Rican friends of mine yesterday what they thought about the 4th…and they said they thought it was “another one of those made up American Holidays so you could get a day off work.”  Sad.


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