More Fun with UPS


The customer is not always right anymore.  In fact, the customer is always wrong now, so be sure to keep that in mind when you are out exercising your rights as a consumer.  Why am I saying this?  The story begins.

My wife’s Birthday was the other day.  It was tough to get her to tell me what she wanted, but I persisted and tried.  Finally, on a Thursday morning, 5 days before her Birthday, she told me what she wanted.  The thing(s) she wanted could be gotten locally, but i had a substantial discount for an online purchase from the same merchant, so I opted to order it online and have it shipped to my office.  I also ordered a couple of other items to surprise her.

Erring on the side of caution, I decided it might be best to opt for the Express Overnight shipping option, and monetarily it was OK because I had free shipping and only had to pay the “handling” fee.  The order was placed around noon on Thursday.  I got an email that said the order was processed and would ship within 1-2 business days.  Fine, I thought.  I would still have it in time.  I waited, and anticipated.

Monday rolled around, and I thought for sure that the UPS overnight package would arrive at my office.  Then I got an email.  The merchant said they were shipping the order no later than 7/14, Tuesday!  So automatically, I screwed things up because 7/14 was her birthday.  So that moment, I called her and ate crow…and told her that I had stuff for her but it did not arrive in time.  To a woman’s ear, this basically means that I was thoughtless and careless and did not go shopping in time to celebrate Her Day properly.  But I told her not to worry…that it would all be taken care of and we could open gifts the next day.  I offered to take her to a nice dinner…but she pleasantly declined…citing the possibility of rain and the cost of dinner.  No amount of coaxing could get her to move.

I got to work today with high hopes…expecting to have my package delivered.  Then I checked’s tracking status.  Here is what I saw:


Somewhere along the line, UPS had the wrong zip code.  I immediately called UPS and talked to Sherri.  She said that
they had corrected the ZIP code but the package was sort of lost in limbo.  She said that the delivery would be delayed at least a day, if not more.  I told her this was unacceptable and I got an exasperated sigh out of her.  She then said “Next time, be sure to use the correct ZIP” and hung up on me.  More evidence that the customer is always wrong. 

My friend at work who used to work for UPS had this to say:

It’s possible the label rubbed off or something. You can see the package was loaded into a brown truck when it says “OUT FOR DELIVERY.” The delivery guys know every street on their route, so when they load the truck they check the actual street, not the zip code. Some drivers even memorize the house/business addresses on every street. He probably reviewed his route and noticed some sort of an issue with the package and dropped it off at the “package service center” for them to fix it. It may be that the driver could only punch a generic code which somehow gets translated into bad zip code. The reason they do that is they can charge the shipper a ~$2 fee for address correction. Since you didn’t get the package, most likely when the problem was fixed at 9:38 AM he was already out on a delivery. If you paid for next day air, you could try to get your money back from UPS. It’s one of the few services they guarantee.  And it’s in your favor since it say incorrect routing at UPS facility (meaning they may have screwed it up).

That is good information to know, but unfortunately my package is still in limbo somewhere.  I checked with the merchant and found out that my address was correct with them…so as my friend said, either the label was bad or someone fat-fingered the ZIP when they entered the info.  Either way, it has been made into “my” fault.  No matter which way you slice the cake, I am in the doghouse on this one.


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