SSA Spend $700K for a lavish party


First, read this:

SSA officials called it a “training conference.”  In another statement, they say it the offsite convention was because “… they needed to learn how to reduce stress because of a growing number of death threats being made against them.”

So which one was it?  Training conference or stress-reducing vacation?  Maybe they “learned” how to reduce stress while enjoying the posh 39 acre landscape in the “Jewel of the Desert”….or maybe they played a round or three of golf, no doubt expensed and payable by the taxpayers. 

You know…it is not like the convention was right down the street at the Raddison.  No.  These people had to fly to this place, get rental cars, stay there and collect per diem for food.  There were baggage fees, resort taxes and all manner of other expenditures taking place.  And who would fly to a remote location and have a conference when you are receiving death threats?   Imagine the threats they will receive now that the public knows about their wasteful spending.  This is a simple, cut and dry case of government waste.  Tax and spend. 

I get incensed when the local Program Executive Office sends their whole office to the local park for a BBQ, wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars while government drones siphon off precious dollars to frolick, eat catered foods and play teambuilding games.  These are the same government leaders who oversee mismanaged, bloated, decade-long programs, many of which are cancelled long before they deliver their promised capability.   But the dollars wasted by the local PEO pales in comparison to the dollars wasted by the SSA and their lavish block party convention.  With the SSA, they are playing cards with people’s lives. 

It is estimated that Social Security monies will dry up around 2037.  At least the SSA will come to a halt before the Julian date meltdown of 1/19/2038, LOL.   Yet here they are playing grabb ass in the desert.  Can America wake from its slumber?


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