Dash Bubbling


At 50K miles, I started to notice the dash of my 2005 Infiniti FX35 bubbling.  By “bubbling,” I mean there are places all along the dash where it looks like bubbles are forming…like the dash is literally melting or warping.

I have always been extremely careful about protecting my dash.  For example, I don’t use Armour All or other dash polishes that can lead to dependencies.  Plus, I have used a custom-made sun shade since I got the vehicle.

I called the dealer and asked if the problem could be fixed under warranty.  First, he said that my warranty had expired…not because of mileage but because of time.  He said he would run the problem by the parent company and see what could be done.  I get a call back the next day and I was told that the repair would cost $365 based on a “good faith” warranty.  He said that $365 represents a 70+% discount off what the repair would normally cost.  He said they have seen several of these FX35 dashes come through the service department.  He also confirmed that the dash bubbling is a known problem that occurs because of the dash adhesive’s reaction to intense heat.

The next day, I got a call from Infiniti.  It was the Sales Department.  The sales guy said that it would be a great time to trade in my Infiniti for a new model…blah blah blah.  I told him…why on Earth would I buy another Infiniti…if the dash cannot even last past 50K miles…and especially since all Infinitis are gas guzzlers.  He readily admitted to the gas guzzling but denied that the dash issue was a systemic Infiniti quality problem…citing the fact that only a few have been reported to have this problem.  Eventually, I hung up on him….because he chose to argue my every point versus embrace that the customer is always right.  Again…why would I buy a gas guzzler that is manufactured so poorly?  And why would I fall for such transparent sales pitches?

This dash issue is another indication of the overall lowering of quality of the products we buy as Americans.  I have long since given up on GM, Ford and Chrysler because of their notorious reputation for having premature mechanical problems.  I have had a GM, a Ford and a Chrysler in my lifetime and all three of them nearly cost me my life and my life’s savings to repair major mechanical problems. My buddy won’t buy GM because they screwed him on a simple hood replacement.  They also tried to lowball him on a trade-in. Infiniti is the same.  They have lost a lifetime customer because of a $365 dash repair.

Overall, it is sickening to think that you pay extra money for a higher-end model vehicle and you get the same, or more, problems than you would get from a low end model.  For the Infiniti, it is simply overpriced and over-hyped, though it is decidedly of good mechanical quality.  What is one to do?


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