Avoiding toxic inputs


It occurred to me today that I was under attack.  First I was reading through a blog which sort of helped me realize that most of my blogs were of a negative nature.  It then occurred to me that 6 of the 10 new emails in my inbox were toxic inputs.

First up, there was an entry taken completely out of context and without any rational purpose about some Senator and some Minority leader going at it.  What could this possibly add to my day except toxicity?  Then there was an email from a local coworker trying to stir up a politically motivated plot, which does not really exist.  Another toxic input.  Four other examples followed.  And it occurred to me…the more I try to fight toxicity, the more it tries to find me.

I have recently taken to skimming emails…if they are the least bit toxic or controversial, I just delete them on the spot.  It sure saves a lot of grief and angst by doing this.  Poof, toxicity gone by hitting the Delete key.  I am starting to do the same with phone calls.  If I detect someone leading me down a toxic path…I am ending the call.  It is really quite simple.  If the toxic providers get mad, then so be it.  What will it gain me to share in their toxicity?

So my basic premise is the mantra of computing – garbage in, garbage out.  Toxicity in, toxicity out.  Start eliminating toxic inputs and see where it leads you.  But be warned, nature abhors a vacuum, so be sure to fill the void with decidedly non-toxic input.

Moving on to another topic of health, after my friend had some sort of heart thing, he was told that he was potassium deficient.  This prompted me to once again begin my nutritional supplement regimen.  Recently, I added a bio-absorptive form of Coenzyme Q-10, or ubiquinone to my diet in the form of a daily 100mg softgel.  You can feel the effects of this supplement fairly quickly – like a surge of energy.  I also added potassium gluconate to my diet…in addition to treating the hypokalemia that my friend had, it generally helps the body balance out water retention.  I have refrained from taking the multi-vitamin pack I once took all at once and have instead broken down my intake over the entire day.  I feel better results that way.

Anyway, the CoQ10 and Potassium has my heart happy and I feel more energetic.  And the limitation on toxic inputs has me feeling upbeat and ready to tackle difficult problems…


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  1. Yes Toxicity looms….it is always following you…usually several paces behind and often to the Left…like a lone wolf paralleling you from a raised ridge, Toxicity will eventually catch up with you…If we all take the same steps you do then the world will be a better place……by the way…Ubiquinol is the most bio-available form but each have benefits the other does not…older should probably take -ol due to their lack of digestive power.

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