Church Happenings


Waking up Sunday, I was actively trying to determine a good excuse for missing Church.  In the end, I resolved to get myself up and go.  I got up at 0830 and was able to put away the clean dishes, clean my kitty’s litterbox machine, feed and water the birds and clean their cages…plus the Three S’s.  Even with my wife hogging most of the bathroom, I was still ready by 0945…it made me chuckle…that even though I had an aching shoulder from cleaning the previous day, and a headache from breathing he cleaning fumes, I was still able to get up, be productive and make it to Church.  Yeah, it really does make me a better person if you stop and think about it.

 I left for Church at 1000 and got there at 1018.  Entering, the sanctuary was mainly empty.  There was quite a crowd, which was somewhat surprising.  At the last second, an exasperated group of 7 came and sat in front of us. 

 The family of 7 consisted of an interracial mix of all ages…from age 7 to 75.  A large, chunky teen of 16 sat directly in front of me, and she started being aggressive with the 7 and 10 year olds to her right.  Her incredulous mother was busy praying as these unruly kids started a push and shove fest, clearly dominated by the obese teen.

 The rotund teen was wearing a yellow “tube” dress as I call it…basically a non-form-fit tube of fabric of a stretchy cotton that was force fit over her misshapen tween body.  Clearly, she had a bra, but it did not fit and neither did her panties, because she spent the entire service shifting, digging her underwear out of her crotch and repositioning her 38D breasts in the tiny inappropriate bra.  All the while, she was wiggling her rump and acting the fool.  It was quite disgusting…and I probably did not describe it in harsh enough terms.

 As the service wore on, Fr. Brown delivered the message.  He had great things to say, especially for those who were not there to hear it…basically a sermon on priorities…and putting things in the correct order for spiritual growth.  At one point in his sermon, he said that today’s youth have lost the ability to look inward…basically they are incapable of  inward reflection because they spend all their time texting, chatting, bluetoothing or listening to today’s re-use of yesterday’s music.  The ironic part of this is that this 16 year old in front of me…with her nappy, greasy hair and fast-food induced bald spot…had a blackberry pressed firmly to her ear the whole time…listening to Daddee Yankee or some other illegal immigrant bee bop over the backdrop of the repetitive, simplistic, mind-numbing pre-recorded beat.

 I found it sickening that this girl was so disrespectful that she could not listen to a single word of the service…she probably did not even know she was in a Holy place!  Her sole intent was on HERSELF.  She was mean and rude to her younger siblings and so self-absorbed that she could not even shake my hand when it came time for that.  And she had the gall to go and take communion!  I was flabbergasted.

 Her parents were equally rude and toxic.  They spoke during the whole service and left immediately after communion, which is the sure sign of a dabbler.  It was hard to get anything out of the service with toxic buffoons like this in front of us.  I kept quiet…but later in the day, my wife even commented on these people…and my stepdaughter even noticed their rude behavior.  Sad.  My wife said…at least they were in Church…but I tend to think that their disrespect and lack of involvement was really worse than their non-attendance.


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