Which would you choose?


Houstons or WOW?

What if you were given a choice…be picked up and driven to Houstons for a night out on the town…or sit at home and play World of Warcraft with your “Clan”? 

What if you have already given your word to your “clan” that you would play with them in the world’s biggest teabagging tourney and you receive an invite to go to Houstons?  Would you ditch them and go?  Or would you “stand by your clan?” 

Let’s take a poll and see?


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  1. I can only pray that this is no one that I know! lol Anytime a male gives up the opportunity for social interaction + a free steak dinner is disturbing. If my life became a situation where that choice ever became a “toughy” then I would just have to write my life down on paper and read it out loud. If it sounds bad when read out loud then I probably need tons of introspection…if it sounds great when read outloud then it may be a sound choice…in this commentary I refuse to impose my views on another…I only ask that person to write it down and read it outloud. WoW will always be there…as well as those teens…no matter how cool they are or appear to be…there is no reason to put your life on hold for a computer game, computer program, computer, comp, puter, etc.

  2. I did not want to leave a comment… but here it is… plain and simple. Yes, the posting is about me…. here is my explanation.

    I was talking with John about a night out that he and his wife were going to have… at s nice restaurant. It sounded like they were going out to have a nice husband / wife night out…. and not once in the conversation, did I get a clue that it was anything else than a husband / wife outing. This in itself is fine… John was just telling me what they were doing.

    I get home… and was talking to a friend of mine in New Jersey about some things that happened…. about the Kindle actually… and wanted to know what happened when S(camazon.com) deleted information off customers Kindle E-book reader. SHe has a Kindle and I wanted to know what really happened. After we discussed the Kindle… we talked about World of Warcraft. I did not have anything to do after i got something to eat… and I thought that it would be fun to participate in what our guild was doing that night… going on a raid with other people in the guild.

    After I got off the phone with Sara… John called and wanted to know if I wanted to accompany him and his wife when they went to dinner. I had already committed myself to play WoW with my guild and so reluctantly, I had to turn down John’s offer.

    I have had experiences in my life where people I have known shopped around for activities… and committed to do things with me… only to get a better offer… and leave me high and dry. I don’t believe that is a very nice thing to do. I find that behavior very horrible. While people who don’t know much about raiding in WoW… there can be 25 people around the world that are waiting on you… if you say that you are coming to a raid… and they have to fill 25 slots to do it… wouldn’t it be crummy if I just japped out and said no… to avail myself of an offer with some other friends?

    Basically the whole situation is one of timing. Too bad that I had not hear from John just a few minutes sooner. Obviously I would have loved to go out and have a nice meal and enjoy the company of my good friends. I just had to follow through on my policy of not tossing over one set of friends for another. I think I am being a better friend for not doing that.

    (As an aside… if we did go out to eat… both John and his wife would have gotten my cold… and they would be miserable now too… ) So while The Hawk is making fun of me for not going out on the town… I wonder how happy he would be if I tossed him over to do something better than what we had plans for. I just consider myself blessed that I had 2 friends that thought of me … and wanted to spend time with me. Thanks John and Sara…. my glass is half-full.

  3. Actually, this blog entry was designed to see what the general populous would choose…in this situation. I did not intend for it to turn into a brother against brother fight…

    Rick is correct…I called him…told him that I was probably going to be dragged out…and that was it…contacted him later on when I found out what we were doing…the fact that I was driving right by his house to deliver Lysette to her friend’s house…so I coupled the fact that Rick had previously invited me to the ice bar and fire pit with the fact that I was driving by his casa…and decided to just invite him to dinner with us. But he already made plans…

    It was one of the best dinners I had in a long time. Who knows. If Rick had gone, he may have been having a toxic day and would have nitpicked the dinner to death. Or he might have had fun.

    Also, I am not a stranger to guild/clan activity. I used to be the headmaster…president…leader…or whatever they call it these days…of an international Quake and UT clan back in the day…so I know what it is like to try and gather the troops for battle. However, I also knew then and know now that this crap was just a game. If one of my guys japped out on me…I would simply call up another…player as a replacement. No harm, no foul. Not real life, and not any substitute for real social interaction.

    But I certainly understand “sticking to your word” on things.

    By the way, I got caught up in all of that gaming stuff…and started to spend all my time on it….it was an addiction that started to tear me away from my family…friends. I even lost my best friend at the time over this stupid gaming shit. So it pains me to see someone else get caught up with that…to substitute games for life as it were. I am not saying Rick has this issue…but it is why I do not place much value on gaming these days.

    To each his own. It will be a long time before I make such an invite again…that way…the situation can simply be avoided…

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