What do you think?


Everyone is talking and they seem to want to know what I think about Obama’s recent comments on that dude that was arrested trying to break into his own home and on the issue of doctors trying to charge more for unnecessary services.

1. That guy that broke back into his home…was belligerant.  He had diligant neighbors.  He should have been arrested for his behavior.  His color is not a factor…his attitude is.

2. On doctors wanting to gouge money.  He is right.  They do.  Have you ever been to the hospital?  If so, you will understand O’s comment.  If not, doctors (most of them) are out for your money with your care being secondary thoughts to them.  If you don’t believe me, just check in to how the doctors take regular bribes from Big Pharma…I can blog more on this later.

P.S. I have better things to do than to criticize and rant over Obama’s every word and action.


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