Is McDonald’s Safe?


I hit the town this afternoon to return some items to JCP and stopped by Stein Mart to see if I could use a 20% off coupon.  After this was said and done, we were driving by a McDonalds and my wife wanted a fish sandwich.  I did not really want McDonalds (I don’t like their processed foods) but being hungry and knowing it would be the last meal I got today, I opted to get a chicken sandwich.

As we sat in the store, Margarita remarked that some man was “checking her out” and making a scene out of ogling at her.  My back was to this clown…so I turned to see what his problem was…and he sort of looked down and kept eating his slop.  Then two vehicles drove up.  One was a large but old Dodge van….and a man got out of it and proceeded to get three super size plastic cups out of the back.  He waltzed into the store, filled the three drinks and walked back out.  Meanwhile, the other car sat there.  There were two men inside – one of them was a white male, approximate age 55.  The other was a black male of the same age.  Both looked homeless judging from their clothes and demeanor.

The two men came inside…and as one of them got to the door, he repositioned a gun he had in his belt.  Margarita got scared because she thought they were going to rob the place.  I did too.  They did not look like the typical conceal and carry types – these two had a hardened look about them and a look of both despair and depression. The white man had an orange shirt that was crusted with grime and gunk and I could smell his nasty body odor a good 15 feet away.  The other man was hovering by the drink dispenser and staring at the other patrons (2 other people in the store).  I made a command decision to GTFO…and we promptly left.  They both gazed at us as we left.

Perhaps we were being either paranoid or overly judgmental.  But both of us concluded that we were in danger…and whether we were or not, the feeling was genuine. 

About 6 months back, I was in another McDonalds at breakfast.  It was in Waterford Lakes, Orlando.  As I approached the door, a prostitute dressed in nothing but a bra and a mini skirt so mini that I could see her pantiless shaved vag…solicited me for sex.  In a McDonalds!  She was a skank too. Since there was a little league baseball team just coming into the lot and heading for the door, I popped out my cell and called the cops…who were not at all helpful and did not really believe it was an issue.

More recently than this incident, I was at the McDonalds near Goldenrod and Lake Underhill…it was raining and Lysette wanted food.  We had already eaten…and we decided to stop in, get a cup of coffee and eat with her.  I felt uneasy in this McDonalds too.  There were a lot of boisterous miscreants in there…loudmouth types and none of them looked too friendly. 

All of these incidents combine to paint an ugly picture.  Orlando is no longer a safe place to live.  I do not feel safe eating in the local McDonalds any more.  To make matters worse, the Orlando police department has done NOTHING to stop the homicide spree that started about a year ago.  The crime rate escalates and nothing is done.  All the cops around here do is entrap drivers in speed traps. 

I am really starting to hate Orlando.  The people here are rude and downright dangerous.  The drivers are ultra-aggressive and maniacal.  Gangs are spraypainting every flat surface with their crip and blood insignias.  On Eastmar Commons Blvd in E. Orlando, drugs are bought and sold in broad daylight as marked cop cars pass by incredulous.  In nearby Avalon, people are being terrorized by redneck gangs that are spraypaiting their windows and breaking into their cars.  This place is no longer safe.


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  1. I agree… that Orlando…. especially nice old east orlando…is being overrun. We have to be aware of where we are at all times… and the obligation to be safe… is our responsibility.

    Remember, the Supreme Court of the US… says that a city or state’s police are not employed and deployed to protect YOUR INDIVIDUAL SAFETY! They are there to protect the general public safety… ONLY !!!

    Always be cognoscente of what is going on around you!

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