Free Room Upgrades


I have a pet peeve which I will share with my readers.   To explain this pet peeve, I need to create a hypothetical situation. 

Suppose you were going on a family vacation.  You do your research and finally decide on a nice place to stay.  Now suppose you were given several options of room type – basic, club/concierge level and suite level.  Now suppose that you opted for the club/concierge level room, which ended up costing you an extra $75 per night…and you also opted for the beachfront view for an extra $40 a night.  You get to the hotel and you are standing in line to check in.  The people in front of you – thirtysomethings with 2 brats begin the checkin process.   You patiently wait in line.  As you wait, you overhear the following exchange:

Hotel: Welcome to XYZ Hotel, sir?  Would you like to check in?

Man: Yes.  I have a reservation under the name Smith, Joseph Smith.

Hotel: Yes Sir.  We have you staying 4 nights in a basic double bed room.  Good news, sir!  We are going to give you a free upgrade to the club/concierge suite with beachfront view! 

Man: Awesome!  You made my day!

Then, imagine me being next in line:

Hotel: Sir, are you checking in too?

Me: Yes.  Reservation under the name Graham.  John Graham.

Hotel: Yes Sir.  We have you staying 4 nights in the club/concierge level room, high floor and beachfront view.

Me: Yes.

Hotel: Unfortunately sir, all we have is a King Bed room – but we can give you a city view standard view room with double beds.

Me: Wait a minute.  I reserved a club level room with double beds, high floor and beachfront view.  You just gave that guy a “free” upgrade to the room I reserved!

Hotel: Don’t get irate, sir.  I am truly sorry, but all we have is the city view standard room.

Me: I need to speak with a manager. 

So there you have my hypothetical situation.  Has it happened to me?  Yes and N0.  Yes in that I have paid for an upgraded room before only to see the guy in front of me getting a free upgrade.  No in that this exact situation has not happened to me.  But it is conceivably possible.

I don’t think the whole “free upgrade” thing is right.  What about the plane…you get a flight and pay for a premium seat.  The plane is empty and the flight attendant allows some tourist family to freely upgrade to the premium seat.  No, this is not right.  People need to get what they pay for, period.  End of Blog.



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