Forwarded Blog Responses


There is a new irritating trend on the block…it is what I am calling the Forwarded-Blog-Response.  If you have a better name for it, comment.  Here is the setup.  I find some tidbit of information or something else interesting and I forward it to various people using SMTP email.  Instead of responding to my email, they post it up on their blog site and write blanter about it to a public forum.

This bothers me on several levels.  First, the material that I research, find or create is often posted as their own personal discovery.  No citation is ever made of the original author.  In academia, it is called plagarism.  In a non-academic environment, it is called stealing someone’s ideas and thoughts and making them your own.  Second, if I send someone something in an email, chances are very high that I did not deem it worthy of a public blog in the first place.  So why turn my email into a blog entry?  If I wanted to blog about it, I would have done so.  Finally, it comes down to sensationalism.  The news media thrives and strives off being the first to report on something.  Being the first to divulge some snippet of info to a larger crowd.  I am not in to that.  I do not get my thrills from being the first in anything…I am not overtly competitive..and I really don’t care.


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