Ready for Vacation!


Got many things to do today… The countdown is on for the West Coast vacation! 😀

I tried to get a haircut last night…but the lines were too long…so I am going to try again today after work.  Lysette is going to enter her first phase of back to school shopping tonight…and I am giving her a $150 gift card to use (wisely) to get things she needs.  If she needs more after that…then her biological father needs to step up to the plate and quit being so selfish with his money…it is his biological child…and I feel on some fundamental level that he needs to contribute to her needs.  Her usual Friday night plans have been postponed so that she can get some of this shopping out of the way.  While she does that stuff, I am going to try and get her some basic school supplies from Office Max or Staples or whatever.

Tomorrow will be chock full of activities…8AM to noon is visitation, followed by a 1PM BD party in Orange City.  The BD party is set to last until 6PM or so…so it will not be a quick thing to get out of.  Sunday…is more or less a day of getting ready for the road trip…and not much else.  I hope to have major issues resolved by then.

It is going to be tougher than expected to shift gears into vacation mode…I am still pent up with a lot of work to do…and I can feel the high blood pressure making my ears ring.

Expect a nice blogging series about my adventures, complete with pictures and video…coming soon!  :mrgreen:


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