T-Minus Three Days…


3 days until vacation!

Friday was a mixed bag…work was a mixture of boring and frantic…with several meetings and a lot of missed deadlines.  I got a haircut after work, which was an adventure in itself.  The haircut itself was good…but the woman that gave me the haircut was hellbent on trying to sell me products…shampoo, hair wax, shave gel.  To make matters worse, she decided to slather my hair without my permission with a handful of hair wax.  At least I had a $6.99 coupon.

After I got home, it was right back onto the street – I dropped M and L off at Waterford Lakes and they did some back to school shopping.  I just lounged around and went to Target for some much needed things like shorts, swim trunks and grocery necessities.  Wow…it was really easy to rack up a $143 bill there!

After L did her shopping, she wanted to hang out with her friends so M and I gave her a deadline of 9PM…and we went and ate McDonalds in the parking lot…then went back and did some pre-vacation shopping.  It rained, which made things more difficult in the open-air mall environment. 

We all got home around 9:45PM…and I crashed…


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