T-Minus Two Days


Today was a roller-coaster day.  We woke at 7AM…and scrambled to be at visitation on time.  I barely had time to make coffee.  I was able to scarf down two Eggo waffles.

During visitation time, we left and went to Fashion Square mall.  I had 4 watches that needed batteries so getting those batteries replaced was stop number one.  M’s watches, a Seiko and a Citizen, were no problem.  I got those done at Sams near Sears because the guy at Kay was too lazy to do them…and he let me know that he did not want to do the work.  Unfortunately, Sams said that my Seiko perpetual could not be done there…that it needed to be done at a factory.  The other watch, a Tommy Bahama, could not be done at Sams either…but I found a kiosk that did it in the middle of the mall…Precious Jewelers.  Unfortunately, the clown at Precious scratched my watch badly and put the backing on crooked.

After the watch repairs, I was scrambling to go find a black shirt for a pirate-themed BD party we were having for Joe & Debbi later in the day.  I finally found one…but do you know how difficult it is to find a simple solid black button up shirt?  Not as easy as it sounds!  After all of this, it was 11:30 and we were late going to get L.  So I high tailed it out of the mall and we ended up stopping at a Walgreens for Joe’s Gift Card.  I changed in the bathroom there to the black shirt…and off we went.

We took I-4, which was a harrowing drive, to Orange City and arrived at the Olive Garden there in 40 minutes.  The Olive Garden was a disaster all around.  We were seated promptly in nice table…but it went downhill from there.  Our server, Casey L, took everyone’s drink orders but ours.  She then rushed us into ordering our lunches…and did not even ask me if I wanted soup or salad.  I wanted soup…and I got salad.  So we had issues from the start.  Then, after we got her to settle down misses, she got our drink orders.  She messed them up.  The Pinot Noir came out as Pinot Grigio.  The Merlot turned into Moscato.  To put a cherry on top, she took my credit card and did not return it.  She disappeared!  We had to hunt her down to get it back.  Needless to say….I left her a $0 tip and a nasty message for the manager for her disservice.

The party itself was nice…and was pirate themed.  A good time was had by all.  Sometime during the party, News 13 Tropical Update came on and we learned that our vacation is in jeapordy due to back-to-back tropical storms bearing down on the state.  We are watching that…and I may need to cancel.

Debbi made two pies…a pecan pie and a key lime.  Both pies were good…she did a really good job making them from scratch.  We left around 5PM..and it was raining heavily there.  We got home after 6:30…as I had to stop by Target on the way home to return a defective shirt.

I am winding down now…and getting things ready for the vacay.


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