Back to Work!


As promised, I will be adding a blog series of my recent vacation…

Eagle CreekIt’s back to work today.  The very first thing I was hit with before 7AM this morning was an eager manager-type asking me if I was attending the “optional mandatory” golf outing.  I told him squarely that I did not golf…and he said “it would really be in your best interest to go golfing with everyone…we wouldn’t want to think of you as a non-team player.”  So here we go again…with the company-gestapo demanding that everyone attend these “optional” team building things.  I.e. if I don’t go golfing with these people, my review at the end of the year will indicate that I am an introverted non-team player and I will get a 1% raise versus the 7% raise that the golfers get.

I do not golf…and I do not like golf.  I think golf courses are a huge waste of land, water and valuable real estate.  But I know that some people live for golf.  So I respect that.  Why can’t these people respect my dislike of golf?

The bottom line is that I am not going to go on a golfing outing.  I am also not going to mischarge the government by charging my golfing time to my regular contract.  No, I was not told to do this, but it is clearly implied.

Well..I had better get back to work.


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  1. Ugh… The sucky part of this whole thing… at least to me…. I have no interest what-so-ever in golf. Don’t want to be around it, don’t want to smell it, don’t want to do anything about it… so doing it…and acquiescing to the boss’ strong-arm technique for my (and my performance evaluation’s) own good… would be painful. Don’t know what I would do…

    I am not coordinated enough for golf, don’t know the rules, don’t want to know the rules, etc.
    Could I drive the golf cart maybe?

    Good luck with your choice John… I would probably go… but would be miserable the whole time.

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