Back to School, Part II


L told me she wanted to get to school early to deal with the myriad of issues facing her in her entrance into 10th grade.  So I told her we would leave at 0630, and she agreed.  0630 rolled around, and I was the only person awake and ready…so I waited.  At 0637, she came stumbling out of her room, sleepy eyed and dazed.  Clearly she just woke up.  So I told her in no uncertain terms that she had 5 minutes to be ready, or I was leaving without her.  She protested, of course, but was ready in 6 minutes.  I already had the car started and in reverse when she came running to the door.  “This is the last time” I warned her…I hope she got the message…because I am not going to wake early only to wait for her to be late.  She is in 10th grade, not 5th, and she needs to learn responsibility and timeliness, not to mention consideration for others.

Anyway, she brought home a stack of papers to sign yesterday.  One was for some sort of privacy policy.  The others were for conduct, etc.  We signed off on all of them.  Then there was another flyer.  It was asking for a minimum of $10 and a “recommended” donation of $100 for “much needed school supplies.”  Are you kidding me?  To make matters worse, the flyer said that “everything you donate is tax deductible.”  So what we are effectively doing here is transferring the education cost to the IRS…i.e. an invisible tax, akin to sweeping things under the rug.  I find this more distasteful than last year’s attempt to get parents to “donate” supplies in return for a “full letter grade higher” in certain classes.  What example does this crap set?  Clearly, learning is not the objective here.

I turned on the news this morning and there it was.  Another stupid Orange County School Board decision.  You see, some parents in some local elementary school are complaining because they don’t like the smell and taste of the water fountain water.  So the school board convened and came up with two plans.  Plan one is to give each child one 20 oz. bottle of spring water per day, at a total cost of $23,000 to $30,000.  Plan two is to retrofit the water system at a cost of hundreds of thousands.  But wait, there is more.  Some benefactor swooped in and decided he would “donate” $20,000 worth of “Rain Soft” water filters to the school…problem solved!  The school board, who can’t see past their noses, readily agreed to the donation!

So what is the problem?  It is simple…the guy who donated obviously has a vested interest in this water filtration company, and he is obviously looking at things with an eye on “ROI” or Return on Investment.  You see, the problem with water filtration is that the water filters need to be changed.  In Florida water, they may need to be changed as much as every 3, 6 or 9 months!  And if you have a proprietary filtration system, guess who you go to for replacement filters?  Yes, that’s right people.  You go to the same company and you pay whatever they charge to get the water filters replaced at intervals…and you can guarantee that there will be an installation service / fee for replacing them.  The school board is flying by the seat of their collective pantaloons.  They couldn’t plan their way out of a paper bag with the exits clearly marked.

When I went to school, the water was “sulfur” water from a shallow spring, and if we complained about it, we got paddled on the ass.  Furthermore, the water was not even chilled, and there were only a couple of fountains in the school.  So why can’t these noisy parents buy their own children a bottle of water each day instead of complaining about it and trying to get the school board to buy the water?  Why was the school supplied with sulfur water in the first place?  Why is this just now becoming an issue?  I think it is because the little illegal aliens and their illegal alien parents are trying to mooch off the system again.  Paco and Pedro need clean aqua, ahora!  This is laughable.  Parents: get off your fat, worthless duff and go get the 24 pack of Zephyrhills for $3.99.  Give little Miguel one bottle per day and the 24 pack will last you a month!  No wonder we have a Trillion+ dollar deficit, defunct budgets at all levels and an unsustainable school board budget that is planned daily as things happen.

To put a cherry on top, we got a cheerful call from Ronald Blocker, the superintendent of schools.  He says that they are “doing away” with the perfect attendance program because of H1N1.  Here we go again with another ploy to mandate Swine Flu vaccines, and another stupid decision from a school board that can’t forecast a thunderstorm when the lighting is striking all around them.


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  1. Right on!

    Personally, I don’t believe that the swine flu is all that bad…no worse than other flu’s. If you are risk of getting sick and dying from ANY flu…then the Pig Flu is a flu… and will kill you too. Case closed. I just don’t like the way that the kids are being experimented on. I think this epidemic is being manipulated like something out of the X-Files… waiting for FEMA to step in and breed aliens in our skulls.

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