A Bright Spot in the Day/Week/Month!


Who can you always count on, even on the darkest days?  Friends!

Dr. Frank Wines!And Rick really came through for me today…he ordered some wine from Dr. Frank’s winery in NY…and had it delivered…we tried unsuccessfully this weekend to rendezvous…it just didn’t work out as either of us envisioned…but after a quick SMS text exchange…Rick brought the wine directly to my place of work!

Now I am sitting on 6 bottles of primo Dr. Frank wine…A whole blog series could be devoted to the pleasures of this wine…suffice to say that it is some good stuff.

Rick has once again exceeded all expectations..shown his generosity…and it is all greatly appreciated!

By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Dr. Frank’s wines, please visit http://www.drfrankwines.com/ and order a couple of bottles…just try it!  You will be hooked!

Thanks Rick!


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  1. Awe, you are too kind John… 😉 I hope you enjoy it… wine is meant to be shared with friends… and good wine… is meant to be shared with good friends 😉 Salut!

    • You are truly an unselfish person…and those are almost extinct in this society and time. My wife inquired…how much do we owe him for this? And then it occurred to me that you might have been ordering this for me, expecting me to pony up upon delivery. If that is the case, then I am a real dunce and I am sorry for assuming this was a gift. Just let me know, OK.

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