Collosal gulf shrimp (Langostinos)

As promised, I dug up some pics of the collosal prawns….known in South America as Langostinos.  These were sold as “Head on shrimp” in Lombardi’s, the areas only accessible fish market.  These are very unique critters…and I have not seen too many of them for sale over the years.  The legs and pinchers are a deep blue color.

Collosal blue prawnsCollosal blue gulf prawns

We had the last of these beauties the other night…M made a tasty plate of sauteed whole langostinos atop a bed of savory yellow rice.  I threw together an avocado salad.

Langostino and Yellow RiceShrimp Dinner!

Last night, it was back to dinner as usual.  I made two pork chops, which were kind of big, and we had mashed potatoes  and more of the leftover avocado salad.  I made a touch of gravy by deglazing the remnants of the pork.  Yummy!


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