Seasonal Christians are Back!


We went to church last week at our usual time and I was surprised by the number of people attending the service.  The parking lot was jam-packed and it was difficult to find a seat.  We saw the same thing yesterday…the parking lot was overflowing, the church was standing room only and there were a lot of new faces.

My wife asked me…how did we go from a church that was 50% vacant to a church that is 100% full in one week?  I explained to her…it is called “Seasonal Christian Syndrome.”  Don’t get it?  Let me explain.  Have you been to any major department store lately?  If so, what did you see?  I’ll tell you what I saw…

Christmas decorations are out in full force.  Couple that with Thanksgiving decorations and even Halloween decorations.  One store even had New Year’s stuff on display.  The masses see this stuff, and they immediately think to themselves…”Oh my…it is the ‘Holiday Season’ again…we had better start thinking about that man…Mel Gibson…who died…on that wooden thing…or whatever…?  Like yah.”   

I have a big issue with this mentality.  To me, every single day is The Lord’s Day.  Why spend 3/4 of a year doing your own material and carnal things…pursuing your own guilty pleasures…and then decide you had better shape up at year’s end and start “going to church?”    It doesn’t make sense to me.  And no, Mel Gibson is not Jesus Christ…and Jesus Christ is not “HEYSOOS Christ”. 

These “Seasonal Christians” bring all of their “Seasonal Habits” with them too…showing up to church in shorts and an Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier tee-shirt.  Showing up to church with a beer beard and crusted food particles on your rung-out polo shirt.  Showing up in a mini-mini skirt and club top.  Hightailing it out of there right before, during or immediately after Communion.  Being the first out the door during Concluding Rites.  And my personal favorite…being there in person but not in mind….going through the motions…without the spirit.


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  1. I saw this title and had to read it. Now, I totally agree with you on that. I barely go to church for my own personal reasons. Mind you I love the Lord and I know he loved me, but I went to church this past Easter Sunday. I didn’t want to go for that reason, but my 6 now 7 year old daughter wanted to get dressed up and go. She begged me so I ended up talking her.

    I feel like an as you say “Seasonal Christian”..and I haven’t been back only to attend the going home service for one of the older women at the church. And even then I felt like a “Seasonal Christian”.


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