Back To Work and Restrooms Closed!


After having my morning coffee, I wandered the 0.25 mile or so from my desk to the 4th floor restroom, only to be greeted with this signage:


So…I jumped in the elevator and made my way down to the 3rd floor just to make sure…and the same sign was there too!  I went down to the 1st floor…and it was standing room only.  Imagine 5 floors of employees all trying to use a cramped 1st floor restroom that has one stall and one urinal.  Unfortunately, I had to use the stall…but here is what I encountered in there (WARNING: GROSS)

Plugged John

Yes…it was plugged.  I tried flushing it…and the water rose up and started to overflow.  My only option at this point?  Walk across the 4 lane highway and use the restroom over there.  What a great start to the morning!


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