Beware of Shedders!


A guy walks into my office yesterday…and he is visibly sick.  He claims to have “The Flu” but concedes that it probably isn’t “Swine Flu.”  He proceeds to sneeze, cough and drip from his nasal cavity.  He says “I got sick last night..”  I told him to GTHO of my office but he says “Don’t worry dude..I am not shedding.”  Now please explain to me how he knowshe is not shedding his virus?  Did someone do a viral respiratory panel to determine the nature of his infection?  No!  And even if he does have the flu, it is now known that people shed longer than once expected. 

Next…I get a SMS text from my buddy.  He says he is home, deathly ill, and is out going to Publix and the Brown store!  And he is usually the first to get on a soapbox about preventing the spread of viral infection! 

Look people…when you are sick, STAY HOME.  If you need something, ask a friend or loved one.  Most everything can wait until you are not shedding your virus!  No wonder many people in the area have taken ill recently!


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  1. The weird thing is that 99% of the time the guy will be an asian dude…too worried about his studies to have a life and take of himself or to worry about shedding all over someone else.

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