Manatees are still prevalent in Blue Spring

We took a ride up to Blue Spring in Orange City this weekend to see the manatees.  We were not disappointed!  There were around 80 manatees in the spring on the cold Sunday afternoon, and the park was quite full.  In fact, we had to park in the auxillery parking lot and fight crowds to see the majestic sea cows.

Most of the manatees were at the river-end of the run, but there were some of them in the boil itself and along the run.  Most of them had deep scars, and there were a few young ones too. 

We took Lilly to see them (who is 4)…she was excited to see them and had many questions.  I hope she will be able to see them when she grows up.

One manatee in particular was very curious about us and very friendly.  He was marked “A6”.  I don’t know what that marking refers to or who is tracking the animal.  Perhaps it cross-references to a name and point of origin. 


2 thoughts on “Manatees are still prevalent in Blue Spring

  1. Rick Andrade

    Wow… the most amazing thing that I read in the blog… aside for the fact that “Yes, Virginia… there are still Manatees out there” is that Lilly is 4 YEARS OLD! LOL 😉

    They grow up so fast….

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